Quick tips for getting web design clients

Quick tips for getting web design clients

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In this video I outline a little bit of my strategy for converting prospects to sales in my web design sales process.


  • Zach Swinehart Reply

  • Matt Turner Reply

    Hey Zach, thanks for sharing. I am curious, do most of your clients seem to
    enjoy, or even prefer being a part of the process. Or do they seem to be
    satisfied with exceeding their expectations? Just curious what your
    experience has been.

  • TLP Magazine Reply

    Definitely helpful

  • steven tapia Reply

    The best video I have seen thus far.

  • Winnreck Reply

    This didn’t help me much :(

    I’m looking for tips on how to get clients, not what to do once I get them,
    your title is misleading.

  • Nalaka Prasad Reply

    you talking bullshit

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