Q+A: Fishing Customers – Marketing Tips for A Fishing Product | Just Digital Inc.

Q+A: Fishing Customers – Marketing Tips for A Fishing Product | Just Digital Inc.

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Marketing products or services with a narrow target audience can be tricky. Here are some quick tips you can apply to improve your marketing strategy.

1. Ask yourself: Who are you selling to? Where can you find them?
Identify the target demographic and find out what brands or similar products they already consume. You will be marketing your product to people from that same audience, so it’s essential to know where to find them.

2. Generate Paid & Organic Traffic
Make sure to have paid ads running and set a consistent budget. In terms of organic traffic, reach out and engage with the target audience. Find them on social media channels like Instagram and like or comment on their photos to expose them to your brand.

3. Create content
Get your content out there! Google Adwords, uploading photos, and creating short Youtube videos will help increase your search ranking. Just make sure they all have proper SEO.

4. Influencer marketing
Don’t be afraid to reach out to influencers with cold emails and ask if they’d be interested in checking out your product. Influencers have the ability to draw a lot of attention to your product.

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