PPC management company tips – Evaluate your landing page speed

PPC management company tips – Evaluate your landing page speed

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PPC management company tips – Evaluate your landing page speed

What should you be looking for in an advanced professional AdWords management service?

Step 4 is looking at the landing page loading time.

A recent survey confirmed that for every extra second a website takes to load after the first second you lose an average of 7% in leads and sales.

If your Google Adwords ads landing pages load too slowly, then there’s a great possibility that your users are leaving and going to your competitors, especially if the other websites are able to deliver the same content quickly.

The load time factor will be incorporated into your Google AdWords keyword quality score that affects your cost per click.

Keywords with landing pages that load slowly may get lower quality scores and therefore you may well pay more and actually your adverts may not even show.

The AdWords system reevaluates landing pages on a regular basis.

If you make significant improvements to your landing page’s loading time you should see a better quality score and a lower minimum cost per click bid.

So, the overall result is you simply create a better user experience when the site loads faster.

3 seconds or less because it just creates more revenue and we can test that for you.

We can do that very quickly, so simply contact us.

We will offer you a limited opportunity to review your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts for free for 30 minutes to identify the top 5 opportunities to increase your leads, sales and reduce your cost.

This will include a review of your competitors activity in terms of which adverts, landing pages and keywords they’re using.

Get started now, contact us today, and we look forward to helping you improve your Google AdWord results soon.

Thanks for watching and we’ll speak to you soon.

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