Plan to Succeed   Building Your Digital Plan – Failte Ireland Webinar

Plan to Succeed Building Your Digital Plan – Failte Ireland Webinar

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A digital plan will give you, and your business, a concrete focus so you can achieve your digital goals for 2016 and beyond. In this webinar, we’ll look at techniques, tools and tips to help you fine-tune your digital strategy.

A powerful online value proposition is essential to effectively competing and generating sales in this digital age. With a clearly defined plan, you will be able to differentiate your online presence by encouraging new customers to engage and existing ones to stay loyal.

Setting objectives within your digital marketing plan provides you with a structure, concrete and measurable goals, a timeframe, a budget, and a basis for measurement and analysis. We will talk through all the elements of a digital marketing plan, taking you through how to carry out a ‘Situation Analysis’ through to ‘Setting business objectives’ to ‘Measuring Results’.

The Webinar will focus on the following key areas:

– Digital Plan Framework –what are the key stages of a digital marketing plan
-Research & Situation Analysis
– Setting Business Goals
– Managing Digital Channels
– Setting Budget & Resourcing
– Measurement & Analysis
– Tools and Tips –handy software and tips for digital planning

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