Photoshop Web Design Tips – Unlimited Background | 1080p

Photoshop Web Design Tips – Unlimited Background | 1080p

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In this video PIXELATOR gives two techniques to create unlimited solid and textures background for your web design projects. Follow along as we learn how to use SOLID COLOR and LAYER EFFECTS to speed up our web design work flow.


  • paw195 Reply

    Nice one keep making more videos dude !

  • pixelatorNYC Reply

    thanks bro. I’ve been trying to make more tutorials more frequently for all
    skill levels. Im glad this helped! And stay at it. You can make good money
    with photoshop!

  • Simon Cooke Reply

    Keep up the good work. Your tutorials are very helpful for novice designers
    like myself.

  • pixelatorNYC Reply

    Thanks for the comment. And please make sure you subscribe to my channel. I
    have tutorials for all skill ranges. Best of luck and best wishes.

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