Phi Anh talks celebrity child, digital marketing company   | Figuring It Out with Anthony Pham 003

Phi Anh talks celebrity child, digital marketing company | Figuring It Out with Anthony Pham 003

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Welcome back for the third episode of Figuring It Out with Anthony Pham! This week’s guests is my friend, Phi Anh Tao. Phi Anh is a child of a popular Vietnamese celebrity and a CEO of her own digital marketing company. In this episode, we talk about how it was to grow up as a child of a celebrity, how Phi Anh was able to create her own business – she even gives us tips on what she looks for in potential employees! This discussion was really interesting and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did! Thank you for watching! I have posted the time stamps of the topics we covered below

0:21 What is your story?
2:05 Why did you move to France?
3:08 Phi Anh Talks About Her Mom Being A Celebrity
6:25 When did you realize that being a daughter of a celebrity brought on negative repercussions?
10:30 At what time did you realize that you needed to look at things from a different/positive perspective?
12:45 Phi Anh talks about struggling with mental instability in high school
15:07 Did you ever wish that your mom wasn’t a celebrity?
18:22 Phi Anh talks about LGBT and her struggles
24:30 Phi Anh talks about her Digital Marketing Company, Sony Pictures Internship
29:40 Phi Anh gives me advice about going into social media
30:39 How did you find your passion for marketing?
32:55 How did you know that you wanted to create your own business?
38:51 We talk about college degrees and how much it matters from a CEO’s perspective
41:40 What do you look for in employees?
44:53 We talk about the importance of Culture within a company
46:26 How do you maintain the right culture?
48:00 How do you know if the person you’re interviewing is the right fit for your company?
49:35 We talk about passion and how it helps you in job interviews
50:35 We talk about Phi Anh’s new social media development for foodies
52:59 Venture Capital vs. Angel Investors
1:01:37 What is Google AdWords and how does that help a company?
1:07:57 Did you have a hard time finding support for creating your own company?

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