Pampered Chef Consultant Tips – Selling Pampered Chef Products Successfully Online

Pampered Chef Consultant Tips – Selling Pampered Chef Products Successfully Online

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Pampered Chef Consultant Training – How To Sell Pampered Chef Products Online

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In this pampered chef training video you will learn how to become a pampered chef consultant top earner by incorporating online selling and recruiting strategies into your pampered chef business plan. The pampered chef business model is very well suited to hosting parties to sell the products and kits. The only obstacle is the finite amount of leads that can be generated this way. Your warm market of friends and family is in finite quantity, so at some point you will need to reach more people outside your warm market with the pampered chef party as your compensation will be in proportion to your reach and sales volume. Thanks to the digital revolution our pampered chef marketing plan means it has never been simpler to reach a large amount of people in this billion dollars industry.

By incorporating a social selling and digital marketing strategy into your business you can host a pampered chef online party to sell the products and bundle kits. If you have friends with a large circle of influence online who would like to get free, half-price and discounted products, they can do a pampered chef invitation to their social media following while you organize and arrange the pampered chef virtual party online. This is perfect for those who do not want to become a pampered chef consultant but love free stuff. The home kitchen products industry is a billion dollar a year industry. Practically everyone that cooks regularly and is living in a developed country with disposable income is a potential customer for you pampered chef party online.

The pampered chef compensation plan allows you to build a team and earn significant income from coaching commissions and bonuses. When you teach your sponsored consultants how to duplicate your efforts and how to promote the best pampered chef products you will earn from their efforts. A great way to build community, trust and social proof is to create a facebook group for your consultants and prospects where you share pampered chef recruiting tips and selling strategies. With everyone sharing their results and what pampered chef party ideas are working for them, you create a mastermind and cooperative effort where everyone can learn from each other and a pampered chef new consultant can learn from those more experienced. You can grow the group with facebook ads and demonstrate how to host a pampered chef facebook party easily. Thanks to facebook live, this becomes very easy. You can engage with those watching and commenting, and edify those who just purchased to create a buying frenzy. You can include pampered chef games to play at parties that are applicable and suitable to online virtual party games.

You have three choices when it comes to the pampered chef consultant kit 2017. The first is the pampered chef starter kit 2017 for 9 with a retail value of over 0. The second is the deluxe kit for 9 valued at over 0. Your third and most popular option is the pampered chef ultimate kit for 9 which has a retail value of over ,000. How much do pampered chef consultants make? As your monthly sales volume increases by combining home parties with online virtual parties your commissions increase from 20% to 25% for ,000+ in monthly sales volume. You will be provided independent online training, team meetings, pampered chef party training, one-on-one mentoring, your own online storefront so that your business can travel with you.

The beauty of having an online business building strategy for the pampered chef business opportunity along with your offline efforts is that you can build leadership and teams all around the world at once with no geographical restriction on the reach of your business thanks to technology. You can grow a pampered chef Canada team along with a uk team simultaneously. By having an online presence you are building your global brand also, as people join people and not opportunities. By leveraging live video, video marketing and social media you can build the trust that is a necessary part of the pampered chef products purchasing process. A duplicatable process will help you ascend the pampered chef compensation plan as your organization grows. Your commissions and earnings will grow as your team is taking massive action and you are climbing the pampered chef levels.

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Pampered Chef Consultant Tips – Selling Pampered Chef Products Successfully Online

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