Online Marketing Problems? What To Do When Your Online Marketing Truly Sucks…

Online Marketing Problems? What To Do When Your Online Marketing Truly Sucks…

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Online Marketing Problems? What To Do When Your Online Marketing Truly Sucks…

Welcome to my Hot Clicks Pay Per Click YouTube Channel. This is the place to find videos that teach you how to use AdWords and create real success for your online campaigns.

Visit this link to Download “Are You Making These 9 Rookie Mistakes With Your Google AdWords Campaigns?”


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Download this FREE eBook now where you will learn how to master:

Writing the perfect ad
Structuring the best campaign
The best way to schedule your ads
The right way to do keyword research

Here are some of my other eBooks that will really boost your success online:

How To Create Simply Superb Landing Pages

How To Create An Absolutely Killer USP For Your Business

How To Make Your Website Convert Like Crazy

If you’re overwhelmed, or just feel you would like to get a professional to give you an obligation free quotation for your Google AdWords Campaigns, then contact me below:

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How Do I Optimise My Website’s Copy?

So how do you optimise your website copy to ensure it’s quick and easy to digest?

The best way to optimise your content is to:

Break up your content with images. Use bullets and numbered lists to explain your points, include quotes to demonstrate authority and start your content summarising the points.

This quickly lets your readers determine if they want to go from scanning to reading.

Hot Tip! Measuring page views is a thing of the past. Engagement or visitor to engagement is the most important metric.

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When Was The Last Time You Gave Your Website Some Love?

Making your text much more engaging and captivating is actually one of the quickest and highest-impact ways to improve your website conversions and sales.

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if your text doesn’t sizzle and captivate – your visitors won’t be excited to learn more and will bounce often – meaning many lost sales for you!

You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to write more captivating text either – Here are some expert tips to help you quickly become a copywriting pro, and convert many more of your visitors into sales.

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Why Your Website Design Will Fail To Lift Sales Much (And What To Do Instead…)

There’s a lot to think about when planning a fresh new website design.
Which products/services should be emphasised the most?
How should your story to be told?
What case studies should you select?
And, of course, is your brand accurately represented?

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What is Google AdWords and Why Do I Need It?

Every small business owner knows that having a great website is not enough in today’s competitive digital economy. Can Google AdWords help?

How do you stand out from the competition and get more customers to visit your website?

AdWords – Google’s cost-effective, pay-per-click search advertising platform is the answer.

AdWords are the websites listed at the top and down the right side of every Google search. These are the websites that grab the searcher’s attention first. AdWords is where you want your business to be when customers do a Google search for your products or services.

You’ll get fast results. With a well-managed Google AdWords marketing campaign, your business will move to the top of Google Search results.

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