Online Business Tips – Must Do #5 of How To Start an Online Business

Online Business Tips – Must Do #5 of How To Start an Online Business

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Online Business Ideas with Paul O’Mahony of Left Click Right Click

There are 11 Must Do’s for any online business, and in this video I share with you number five.

So you now know where your ideal prospect or potential client is hanging out. The next thing to consider is what is the result of the solution that they are seeking, and you’re offering?

In other words what are the benefits of the solution that you’re providing. Forget about boring them or confusing them with features and processes. Leave out the detail.

You only need to concern yourself with the benefits to your client or customer and the results that they will experience. Your marketing message needs to be about the outcome of the solution that you’re offering, whether that be a product or a service. Simples.

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