On Page SEO – Learn the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1

On Page SEO – Learn the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1

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On Page SEO

http://livinglikemike.com/blog-tips/ full seo blog tutorial will get you started in on page seo.

There are 12 steps of onpage seo that I always abide by when writing my blog posts. I focus on quality, relevance and select my keyword carefully. Then I use the keyword plugin so I get all of the on-page seo correct before publishing the blog.

This is step 1 of my 3 strategies I use to rank very high in the search results on the major search engines.

On page SEO is the 1st step in the overall strategy and a very important one. Make sure you do it right!

Using the keyword tool plugin ensures that it is done correctly.

Check it out.

► http://LivingLikeMike.com/likes/keyword-tool

on-page seo video http://youtu.be/Pb17AAeoVB4


  • Norwegian Teacher - Karin Reply

    Great video! Learned a lot!

  • Rama Krishna Reply

    nice tips man. thank you so much. IS THERE ANY VIDEO FOR OFF PAGE SEO???

  • Michael Cain Reply

    12 steps to SEO your blog posts

  • carlos aranibar Reply

    great job!!! now i´m working on it , thank you for the video!!

  • Andreas S Reply

    Nice video. Can anyone confirm that the technique involving underling and
    bolding keywords and have different headline sizes with h1, h2 and h3 still
    works with Google after the latest updates? And what are the dangers of
    using pingfarm?

  • saurav jain Reply

    I was really tired of searching for a video which could help understand the
    basics.Finally found one !!! Thanks Mike for sharing. Simply
    Brilliant.Really useful

  • Md.Rezaur Rahman Reply

    Thank you very much to you !

  • Aussie Biz Reviews Reply

    Well explained step by step process of Keyword SEO. Good work. Thanks.


    i have seen many video.i cant understand them..but u r is good
    video..really informative video

  • rahmad zulhaidir Reply

    (y) sangat bermanfaat ni vidio ..

  • Anwer Ashif Reply

    thanks for this tutorial. great keep it up..

  • Paulstreet SEO Reply

    Hi Mike thanks for the video, obviously we now have the Keyword Planner
    which does exact match as default,but great info. Your videos make it
    easier for me, I work for Seo Manchester and always watch your channel.

  • Seo Wave Agency Reply

    Thanks Mike for the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO. Pls keep the good content

  • Vegan Nation Reply

    Very helpful video! 

  • Smith Bell Reply
  • lipy chowdhury Reply

  • saiful islam Reply

    This document, video, post and all others are very useful for SEO,SMM,SEM
    সকল ডকুমেন্ট, ভিডিও, পোস্ট , অন্যান্য –খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ – আরও জানতে নীচের
    লিংকে ভিজিট করুন>>>

  • Cidao Aparecido Reply

    Thanks for the tips MyCocaine :)

  • Nitasha Rana Reply

    Very helpful!
    Thanks Mike

  • preshmore Reply

    Straight to the point and extremely helpful… thank you very much!

  • Christine Ilagan Reply

    This is very helpful! :)

  • s.ramya sree Reply

    thanks a lot.

  • Devin Chan Reply


  • shyamsunder sharma Reply

    On Page SEO – Learn the 12 Steps of Onpage SEO – Blog Tips Part 1

    #OnPageSEO #SEO #BlogTips 

  • Arun Basu Reply

    Want to increase your webtraffic? SpeedRankSEO will help you to achieve a
    high rank in search engine results.

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