On Foodable Insight Series: Marketing Tips From Cici’s Pizza and Tijuana Flats

On Foodable Insight Series: Marketing Tips From Cici’s Pizza and Tijuana Flats

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There’s more to restaurant success than the ingredients behind a menu. Marketing is the voice of a brand and content marketing, brand development, digital trends, social media strategies, public relations, and local store marketing are all a part of the perfect marketing recipe. Need a little help cooking up some great ideas?

In this “On Foodable Insight Series” episode, join Foodable’s Director of Marketing, Chelsea Keenan, as she sits down with two marketing mavens: Chief Marketing Officer of Cici’s Pizza, Sarah McAloon, who also formerly served as CMO for Sbarro and Media Director for Pizza Hut, and Tijuana Flats Senior Marketing Manager, Brandy Blackwell.

With the digital landscape still being relatively new and vast in comparison to traditional advertising, one of the biggest dilemmas brands face is determining whether to build an in-house social media team or outsource services. In the case of Tijuana Flats, the social media team is in-house to put more control in the brand’s hands.

McAloon joined the CiCi’s team in 2014 and wanted to ensure that the brand had a clear marketing strategy. So, what approach did she and her team come up with? “Now, Wow, Who and How.”

Watch the full episode to learn more about marketing through rebranding and developing audience involvement.

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