OMG Quick Tip: Get Organized!

OMG Quick Tip: Get Organized!

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What’s the first step to getting organized? In today’s OMG Quick Tip we give you 5 easy tips you can do RIGHT NOW to help get your home a little more organized. Subscribe to our channel here:

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Video directed and edited by: Brad Etter
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  • Mr. Kate Reply

    Hey friends! Joey and I are NOT the most organized people but we want to
    be! Here are some quick tips to help you (and us) get organized today! xoxo

  • Aryanna Jefferson Reply

    I love your videos 

  • 곽진아 Reply

    Kate you are the best

  • Holly Brown Reply

    i pre-ordered the book and it arrived today but i thought if you
    pre-ordered you get the beauty marks? i didnt receive them

  • Being Jeni Reply

    I love being organised, but hate cleaning lol! I love how you used the
    decorative baskets for cupboards, definitely adds a luxury touch!
    #MrKate #Is #Awesome

  • Teeto Wolf Reply

    great video :D

  • Teeto Wolf Reply

    # MrKate #IS #Awsome

  • Evonne Lu Reply

    try the KonMari tidying method

  • Miss Blonde Ambition Reply

    “what if I have an allergic reaction”?! LOL That’s totally me.

  • Bethany B Reply

    Loved the video!!! I am….. a Mr Kate Fan. 

  • Lisa Bresler Reply

    Cylinders of power :D

  • Dezarai Fauxx Reply

    I love you guys !

  • juanita arbelo Reply

    I love organizing with baskets! Definitely love the idea of rolled same
    color towels in a basket in the bathroom. I’m going shopping!

  • Cheryl Hock Reply

    Love you guys!! Good tips:))

  • daniblonde80 Reply

    I love you guys!! Cant wait for the next video Kisses

  • Clista C Reply

    U too are so cute together 

  • Mika Chan Sailor Reply

    I feel you guys, let’s just label everything!!

  • hihellohellow Reply

    Why do you look so gorgeous in every video :) I am making ur vid as
    reference while doing my home.

  • marii belle Reply

    Another awesome video!!
    Thanks Kate, you’re the best(-:
    P.s- where did you get your black velvet coat hangers??? My closet needs

  • Hannah Eleanor Reply

    LOVE the towel idea! Now i just need more space (than my 530 sqft apt) to
    PUT a towel basket :) In my next apartment though!

  • thepenguinftw Reply

    Is that a new tattoo?

  • somanysparkles Reply

    I love Joey’s Johnny Bravo hair!!!

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