Norwex Consultant Training – How To Grow Your Norwex Business Without Hosting A Norwex Party At Home

Norwex Consultant Training – How To Grow Your Norwex Business Without Hosting A Norwex Party At Home

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Norwex Consultant Training – How To Build Your Norwex Business Opportunity Without Hosting A Norwex Party At Home

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In these norwex training videos you will discover how you can begin taking advantage of the power of internet marketing for your lead acquisition so you can enjoy more automation in your business. The traditional offline prospecting and norwex recruiting strategies such as an in home party are very inefficient and can take up a lot of your time if they are all you are using. As you begin incorporating digital marketing strategies into your norwex business plan and apply the principles of attraction marketing taught inside our bootcamp training you will soon be enjoying leads flowing to you, reaching out to you about the norwex opportunity.

Let’s discuss what is involved in becoming a norwex consultant top earner with the norwex compensation plan 2017. This environmentally friendly direct sales company allows you to be your own boss, work flexible hours, set your own income goals and make an impact with meaningful contribution. The norwex commission plan may also be referred to as a career plan, comp plan, rewards plan, business plan, marketing plan etc. Your weekly earnings will obviously depend on how many products you sell at you norwex home party or depending on which approach you take to grow your customer base, with a norwex online party using facebook for example. At all ranks in the compensation plan you earn 35% retail discount on personal retail sales.

As you grow a team and build leadership in your sales organization you will start to ascend the levels of the norwex compensation plan. Here is a list of the ranks in the career plan in ascending order of achievement: sales consultant, team coordinator, sales leader, executive sales leader, senior executive sales leader, vice president sales leader, executive vice president sales leader, senior vice president sales leader.

Online norwex party games can be just as effective as offline home parties and in fact it can be a lot more sustainable as a long term business building strategy especially for the independent norwex consultant on your team who may live in an area with a small population. The amount of potential prospects in their location may simply not be there, so it is important that you can share with them effective online marketing strategies to help them acquire leads online as a norwex independent sales consultant.

The free host program helps you build your business fast. All norwex hostess rewards and host benefits are provided at no cost to you as a new norwex consultant. The 4-star host program encourages high norwex party presentation sales volume, increased bookings and larger quantities of the norwex invitation being sent out to the hostess’s circle of influence. The more guests who purchase, the more free products hosts earn. The more hosts have in sales, the more free products they earn in norwex host rewards.

How much does it cost to become a norwex consultant? The best way to get your business off to a fast start is to aim to earn your norwex starter kit 2017 which you can do as you have 90 days from enrollment to get your kit for free. Hit ,000 in personal retail sales in your first 90 days with the right party training and the norwex packages is yours.

A great way to position yourself as a leader for your team is to create a facebook group to share ongoing norwex consultant tips and marketing strategies, norwex party training and leadership skills. You should be constantly investing in yourself and learning new skills to become more valuable to your prospects. This is how your create irresistible attraction and magnetism in the marketplace. People will want to join your team because of the unique value you can provide that will increase their chances of success in their business thereby increasing your consultant commission. The only way to maximize your earnings with the norwex compensation plan is to either attract leaders, build leaders or both. You cannot climb the ranks of the compensation plan unless you are helping the action takers in your team do likewise.

If you got value from these norwex marketing tips and would like to master the art of lead generation using social media, learn how to recruit and how to have a successful norwex facebook party presentation, receive ongoing norwex tips to help your build your team and get them to duplicate your efforts, then be sure to register for our online recruiting bootcamp here:

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