Ninja SEO Podcast #29 | Beat The Big Brands With Content Marketing And Influencers | Exposure Ninja

Ninja SEO Podcast #29 | Beat The Big Brands With Content Marketing And Influencers | Exposure Ninja

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Welcome to Exposure Ninja’s Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 29
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Competing against established competitors online can feel daunting. Many assume that companies like these can’t be toppled because their big-budget content marketing plans dominate your market. But some companies, including your friendly neighbourhood digital marketing company Exposure Ninja, know different. We know that with some knowledge and quick thinking, you can outshine industry giants.

Learn content marketing tricks and tips from the very best
In this week’s episode, Head Ninja Tim talks to Aaron Agius from Louder Online. They discuss how the idea that the big boys can’t be beaten is often far from true. You’ll hear how a well-planned content strategy, executed quickly, can give you the upper hand in the battle against slow-moving monoliths. While they take six months to get approval on a page title change, you’re nailing trick after trick to overtake them.

The guys talk through all the key aspects of content marketing. Blogging. Link acquisition. Content syndication. Outreach. Using the power of influencers to build your visibility and generate more sales. It’s all covered and all useful to any business trying to compete online. Combine these in a clever, agile way, and you’ll have a content marketing plan that can make your business an underdog success story.

Want some content marketing experts to lend a hand?
The content marketing whizz-kids at Exposure Ninja have carved out a living helping SMEs become industry leaders online. We build kick-ass websites, get big-name bloggers talking about you and make your web pages the apple of Google’s eye. In short, we have the tools. Want us to use them to skyrocket your business? Get your completely free, no-obligation review of your digital marketing from Exposure Ninja today, as well as a custom plan to increase your leads and sales

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