New Website SEO Tips and Website Migration Guide

New Website SEO Tips and Website Migration Guide

Posted by on / 3 Comments – All too often a website will be changed and SEO best practices won’t be applied. This can lead to a drop in rankings, especially when pages are changed that were previously optimised. To stop this we look at easy ways to ensure any website migration goes well. Find out how Koozai can boost your SEO Don’t forget to Subscribe to our channel to receive a new Digital Marketing video each week!

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  • AndyDOHD1 Reply

    I’m new to SEO, and am about to rebuild our company site. It has been
    online for a few years but we were goig to go for a WordPress template now.
    The present site has .asp pages but I believe WP are .php. I presume this
    would dramatically affect any ranking we have, is that true? Should a
    301(?) redirect be set up from the .asp pages to the equivalent .php?

  • Oliver Spear Reply

    Good video Alec! Anyone developing with WordPress should seriously look at
    Backup buddy as a backup/migration solution. From offline to online
    migration it takes care of URL (site address), domain, file paths,
    permalinks, etc. it’s a good investment and gives peace of mind with full
    backup facility’s if your site ever goes down for whatever reason.

  • Anucha SeoDml Reply

    what if we keep the same url and structure will we lost traffic still?

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