New Feature on Facebook is Perfect For Influencer Marketing Conversions

New Feature on Facebook is Perfect For Influencer Marketing Conversions

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Marketing Advice Day 3 of 30

Mark Fidelman explains the latest Facebook changes
Daily: Facebook Advertising and Facebook Messenger Changes for Marketers

Earlier this week, Facebook began offering an option to encrypt posts end to end — a way to have secret conversations with other users — to some 900 million Messenger users.
Now within a secret conversation, users can also choose to set a timer to control the length of time each message you send remains visible within the conversation.
Sounds like the beginning of a Snapchat killer.

For Marketers, limited time offers make the most sense, while clever marketers will find ways to entice people to tune into to content that expires.

FOR Facebook Business Accounts a new feature has popped up
Offer/Events shown here – not new, but now more accessible for influencers.
We like it because you can now work with influencers on their celebrity pages to use the offer button to promote your products.
Of course, because it’s facebook, you’ll have to amplify it, but at least it’s amplified from the influncer account and not yours.

We encourage you to use this feature when promoting products, or when you work with us, we’ll handle it for you.

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