My Digital HD Video Camera at the Auto Show | Easy Online Video Marketing Tips

My Digital HD Video Camera at the Auto Show | Easy Online Video Marketing Tips

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This past weekend, I took my family to the Canadian International Car Show in Toronto. It was such a blast. Even my one year old loved it. She was laughing and waving at all the people. She was even pointing at all the expensive cars…I guess she has good taste. The morning before the show, I decided to take my HD video camera with me just in case my daughter decided to take her first steps that day. I also happened to be carrying my Sony digital camera so I can take come pics at the show…and of course I was carrying my crackberry (I mean blackberry). When we arrived, it hit me that I was carrying three portable devices that can record video! What an opportunity to compare the quality of the 3 video cameras. Let’s see how it turned out.

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