Music PR Tips: Ep3 – What is Online Digital PR

Music PR Tips: Ep3 – What is Online Digital PR

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Music PR Tips Episode 3: What is Online Digital PR?

We are Quite Great, a leading Music PR agency.

Welcome to our weekly Vlogs! Each episode will be a quick snapshot into the music business, sharing advice, tips and anecdotes from professionals with years of experience in the industry.

Episode 3 gives you an insight into Online PR and how it can help you in the music industry.

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Quite Great Music Marketing offer one minute tips covering all aspects of the music industry . The short snappy videos are meant to both illuminate certain areas of the industry for those starting out and act as a fun insight into the way Quite Great market and promote music in the UK. Given that we all lead such busy lives especially musicians trying to balance on many occasions work and music , these vlogs are aimed at developing artists and all those with an interest in marketing music in the UK . Video 3 covers a very brief introduction into the way online pr works and differentiating it in our one minute fun way from digital pr. Both are closely linked but online music pr is , as far as we define it, the interaction of our online pr team with blogs and websites in order to gain video and editorial coverage , this is different to digital which , again as far as we define it, relates to social networking development , advertising via the likes of facebook, youtube and others, in order to target a specific niche market. The digital side of things is generally based on also looking at an advertising spend on behalf of the client and making that work within the marketing mix. Building awareness for youtube views for example can cross into both pr and digital and clients will ask on occasions why their video is not gaining more leverage with the public when other bands have hundreds of thousands of views etc and they have similar music and videos, on many occasions the answer is that those other bands may be using ‘bots’ especially prevalent in audio with the likes of Soundcloud where , as they say looks can be deceptive. Platforms such as Mixcloud spend many , many hours going to huge efforts to insure that what looks to be real is real, and the rule here is truly to focus on reality and don’t try and create a vision of a fanbase that is clearly due to the level the band are at musically or the level of the video created, simply impossible ! do try and live in the real world and cultivate real fans. Quite Great Labels Services method of releasing music is ideally suited to those who have a real vision for their music and can work with us in order to budget for each release phase and look at the year ahead in order that when we are approaching the media the marketing of your music can relate directly back to the media so we can explain when each further release is taking place. Quite Great Music Marketing for the  UK can help you with all your music release needs, managing all aspects of your development, we hope you enjoy our videos, but please do not take them too seriously, for that you will need to contact us and see how serious we really get about music as helping artists breakthrough into the music industry is why Pete Bassett started the company in 1996 as a way to help artists.

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