Mom Marketing Tips

Mom Marketing Tips

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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing best practices, we set out to host a Digital Growth Broadcast asking successful mom marketers how brands & businesses can engage the mom market in a sincere manner.

Our featured guests were:
Elle Walker, Co-Founder, What’s Up Moms (0:30-1:27), (5:16-6:10)
Jessica Gottlieb, Owner, JGMedia (1:28-2:06), (6:12-7:21)
Malia Carden, Project Manager, One2One Network (2:06-3:06), (7:21-8:44)
Sara Fisher, Co-Founder, 2 Moms Media (3:06-3:41), (8:45-10:06)
Suzette Valle, Founder, Mamarazzi Knows Best (3:42-4:54), (10:07-12:15)
Josh Ochs, Founder, http:

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