Mobile Marketing Tutorial Video | Mobile Marketing Training Online

Mobile Marketing Tutorial Video | Mobile Marketing Training Online

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In this video, Jeff Hasen provides an introduction to Mobile Marketing. With Mobile, consumers are plugged in 24/7. For marketers, mobile presents an extraordinary opportunity to create a personal and lasting relationship with consumers. Throughout this introductory section, discover how mobile has transformed the digital landscape. Whether it be through text messages, through the mobile web, or through mobile apps, consumers are interacting with businesses via mobile. See how you can break into this constant connection by using taking advantage marketing strategies that complement your other digital efforts.

In this video you will learn to:
Identify the critical difference between Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising
Explain what constitutes a successful Mobile Marketing program and how to judge its effectiveness
Judge how Mobile can reinvigorate your radio and television advertising
Express how consumer search activities differ on Mobile from PC
Define the three core expectations of Mobile users you must address
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