Mine Make Movie!

Mine Make Movie!

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➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1c8IikiLZQ

Lol my papaw is hilarious! 😛 One morning I was showing him my DSLR camera and how it can make video and he 1up’d me by telling me his already does that, BUT the way he said, me and my cousin couldn’t help but laugh! 😛 He likes to goof off lol. My sister asked if she could get on his computer and he replied “Get on my computer? You’ll break it if you do that, are you gonna climb up ontop of my computer?” lol 😛 Hes a jokster! lol 😛 I love these guys a lot! haha 😀

Watch Me Die alot at Gaimz! 😀 yay o.0 lol

Things you could do if you wantttt :3
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