Matt Cutts’ Lecture – Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers

Matt Cutts’ Lecture – Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers

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This is a video of the one hour long lecture given by Matt Cutts at the WordCamp 2007 conference in San Francisco, CA two weeks ago on the topic of Whitehat SEO tips for Bloggers.

John Pozadzides


  • Seddik Iguijji Reply

    Those Tips Never Dies

  • atentat07 Reply


  • Jetsetman1 Reply

    I would say some are and some aren’t. But if you really watch the video it
    will give you some insight into how Google and Matt Cutts thinks. Plus
    there are a few tips like making your site crawl-able which is just good
    common sense.

  • Jetsetman1 Reply

    I totally agree, but history is important. It’s just like technology, the
    core really never changes. All I am saying is this, video will give you
    some insight into where they are headed and where they have been.

  • SEONerds Reply

    Watch this #video on #MattCutts’ #Lecture – #WhitehatSEOtips for #Bloggers

  • Ramakant Kalekar Reply

  • Spook SEO Reply

    This video is still helpful up until now. Even though we don’t agree on
    some of what he has said, they can still serve as guidelines on what we
    should do today. I have learned that the strategies that work for a long
    time are those with high value. Many strategies still work up until now
    despite the changes in algorithms.

  • Assorted Analytics Reply

    This post is cool. But I would assume that SEO has changed quite a bit in 6
    years. Is this still really relevant. I guess it is pretty much evergreen.

  • Mervin Jardine Reply

    That’s just it, this specific video has been very helpful for me thank you
    very much! Additionally I want to mention that I am a video marketer, and I
    use youtube for traffic. Do you want to learn how? You can visit my youtube
    channel to learn more about how to become an expert youtuber and dominate
    your market. Good luck!

  • ارتقاء للتسويق الالكتروني Reply

    Good subject Thnx

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