Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & SEO

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The irrepressible Matt Cutts from Google showcases the good and the bad of WordPress as seen through the eyes of Google, including basics on how Google search works and how you can boost your blog’s results in Google searches.


  • Sabastian Yalpur Reply

    Thank you for providing this video.I wish who ever recorded this video,
    should keep the camera on topics rather than just on Matt Cutts. In 16 th
    minutes of video section Matt shows what people type in and all crowd laugh
    at it, but we can’t even see what has been written. Maybe next time can be
    much better.

  • Grow To Win Marketing Reply

    Matt Cutts is right about WordPress.

  • Nico Reply

    Could the camera man shot what Matt was pointing on the board instead of

  • Designer-Dragonfly Reply

  • Agence Kalipso Reply

    [ #MattCutts ]

    Quand Matt Cutts parle de WordPress et de SEO, on se tait et on écoute.

    #Google #Wordpress #SEO

  • rankyaseoservices Reply

    Going back to basics of #searchengineoptimization now all that
    #rankyaseoservices has taught you so far can be confirmed by #Google
    itself here’s the video that does that

  • Best Ontario SEO Inc Reply

    Matt Cutts from Google on WordPress & #SEO

    How to do better with your rankings in Google organic search

    2008 – Most of the principles in this video still applies today to Search
    Engine Optimization – Amazing.

  • Siddharth Lal Reply

    Found a golden nugget +Matt Cutts on #Wordpress #SEO. But he actually also
    talks about PageRank and SEO in general …

  • Sajaval Nadeem Reply

    i will provide high PR backlinks for only $5

  • Andrew Moyers Reply

    Great principles that will always apply, thanks for sharing!

  • Reply

    WordPress & SEO..

  • Ridho Yudistira Reply

    WordPress is fantastic 

  • joshin Methews Reply

    nice one

  • Chad Kimball Reply

    when was this recorded?

  • muhamad ridwan harrist Reply


  • Webspecials Reply

    I learned A LOT today. Thank you Matt, you are human after all! Loved the

  • Phenetics Co Reply

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    the useful benefits of the technologies involved with turning the current
    web into web 3.0. Most people don’t realize how much data is out there.
    Searching it better is one of the ways we can support this. Phenetics is
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  • Daniel Hovasse Reply

  • Mohammad Lafi Reply

    6 years later, this is still extremely useful. #Wordpress #Blogging

  • Karthik S S Reply
  • seonortheast Reply

    He has always been good at explaining things in a way we understand. Not
    sure how much google like it though

  • Ziyanda Twala Reply

  • Helmar Baechle Reply

    very interesting how GOOGLE evaluates the ranking

  • The WP Expert Reply

    Wao, Really helpful for me. WordPress is Best CMS Platform for Boggers as
    well as for Businessmen.

  • Local Markers News Reply

    This is old by a couple of years…

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