Marketing Tips for your brand #EWWNRADIO @DonJrCEO @KeshaMsCEO

Marketing Tips for your brand #EWWNRADIO @DonJrCEO @KeshaMsCEO

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Entertainment Worldwide Network provides you with a venue where everyone can educate themselves on improving their business. We will be giving you the break down on the importance of viral marketing – Digital Word of Mouth. Learn how to connect with people outside the network. Learn from the experts on how tragedy breathes opportunity. Learn how to build your own relationships – Stand up and speak out. Use every avenue for exposure. Our topic is Marketing & Events

Follow these ten easy easy wins for an instant marketing boost…
1. Understand your customers

Getting to know your customers is the most important stage of marketing process. The more accurate your information and knowledge, the more effective you will be at selling. Use all the information at your disposal to understand customer’s behavior, demographics, and requirements. This information should steer your major business decisions and allow you to write a marketing plan.
2. Observe the marketing environment

Knowing your customer is vital, but there may also be business opportunities which emerge as a result of changing global circumstances. For example, in recession budget brands such as camp sites or cheap food stores tend to flourish as people dial down their annual spending. Emerging technologies may make new products possible, and new legislation may shift consumers behaviors – a good example is the reduction in road tax for low polluting cars. Make sure you regularly ‘scan’ the external environment for opportunities (and threats).
3. Design your product or service around the customer

Once you have a marketing plan in place, you need to make sure your product or service is tailored to your customers – from the packaging to the way it is promoted. Entrepreneurs often fall into the trap of making the product they want to sell, rather than designing and presenting things in the way the customer wants.
4. Ensure you are smooth and efficient

The process of conducting your business is almost as important as the product itself – make sure delivery is quick, returns are dealt with courteously, your staff greet customers with a smile and a cup of coffee. Surprise and delight your customers by going above and beyond the call of duty for them. Word of mouth is a powerful selling tool and this is exactly the way to generate it. Thank you for listening to soe a seed in this movement log on to and click the donate button. #EWWNRADIO @DonJrCEO @KeshaMsCEO 8183585722

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