Marketing and Digital Marketing Workshop at Microsoft Ventures (part)

Marketing and Digital Marketing Workshop at Microsoft Ventures (part)

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A part of the Marketing and Digital Marketing Workshop at Microsoft Ventures part of the Microsoft Accelerator from

This is just a part of the full presentation that includes tips, tricks and methods of achieving better results in digital.

Sadly the recording is not amazing as there has been an error with Periscope. The live video stream worked fine, however I have raised with their support the issue of videos not saving properly.

The talk begins with a live Growth Hacking technique which has been edited out. It continues by introducing some new concepts in marketing then progresses to tips and tricks in digital.

Below is the full slide text from the presentation. The recording stops after SEO.

SEO and Content – If you have an audience that is low on the awareness ladder, they aren’t going to search you out… you need to go out to where they are and get them to come back to your site
Long tail keywords are what you need to get going as they are easy to rank on. A quick SEO strategy can be expensive or time consuming as it requires a significant amount of content to get a decent amount of traffic. Content is amazing for social media!

Email – This is a traffic source that you build organically and from swaps, customers, etc. Think about your mailing list like a bank account that you can reach into and pull traffic – and money – from on demand. They need to have exciting subject lines and need to provide value!

Apps / Tools – Build a tool or iPhone / Android Apps / Kindle e-Books / Web Apps. If it resonates with your audience and gets your name/link into their hands and doesn’t ruin revenue streams.. do it! Do one for you – not necessarily FREE… apply a price, discount it 100%, drive up ratings, take off discount for public, offer discounts to select groups of influencers so they can share.

Video / Webinar – YouTube links rank high, you can use them to build backlinks. Don’t have video ideas? Do a video overview for every blog post you write. Has that “live event” feel that people will work their schedule around to attend. You offer value, but also sell your service. You get to know your customers better and understand their needs.

Swap / Guest – Swapping articles, links and guest blog posts is a great way to get more people. Get an industry pro to do a Webinar with you. They market the webinar to their list (another validation of their expertise) and you market to your list (you’re educating/piggybacking on their trust) and you each get a list of participants who you can send to your site. Write articles in the publications or on the blogs that your audience reads.

PR / Press / Groups – HARO is an amazing tool to pitch to reporters. Find publications, groups or communities that your audience reads and join in on the conversation or create your own.
Offer discounts or free reasonable use to people that feature your services. Place an expert in front to get better responses.

Bonus / Affiliates – Be the bonus! Find your adjacent products / services and offer yours as a major discount to them to offer to their list at full price. Find affiliate marketing websites or networks and sign-up. ClickBank gets a lot of people selling just other people’s stuff. Build a value-adding e-book to give out for £10 with a £5 affiliate revenue. This will give you branding a new customers.

Social Media – Post good content to make your brand / person an expert in the industry. Cultivate connections, find influencers, build brand. Build back-links, connect, advertise. Post Post Post! Grow Grow Grow!

Partner up – There are a lot of companies that can use your product to make more money. Get them to sell it to their customers as while-label. Make your product something an intermediary can use! Add integrations to other apps that can benefit people. Add referral options / offers to partners that bring something in.

Conferences – Use them to find these people
Use them to get noticed. Find what’s going on and change product to fit the market. Add partners to your product to improve functionality. Get business cards from everyone and build and e-mail list. Use ads to target attendees at conferences.

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