Managing Your Digital Marketing Process (Grow Live #11)

Managing Your Digital Marketing Process (Grow Live #11)

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Are you looking for tips on creating your next marketing campaign?

We thought so. It’s that time of year, fourth quarter is the best time to begin planning for the year ahead. Join Matt Johnson and Renia Carsillo from Safety Marketing Services as they discuss quarterly sprints and why they can change the way you do marketing forever.

Here are some of the things they discuss:

• Creating replicable processes to analyze campaign data
• Why quarterly campaigns are the perfect amount of time for
creation and evaluation
• How to prioritize and effectively execute your marketing
• Why you should set expectations before production begins
• Aligning your vision, strategy and processes to move big rocks

“Set goals. Be consistent. Celebrate wins,”—Matt Johnson, CMO at SMS

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry. The team at SMS is here with tips to help you create effective processes for better and faster results. For more tips on managing the digital marketing process for your team, check out the resources below.

Additional resources:
• Agile Methodology
• Traction by Gino Wickman
• Safety Marketing Services Grow Live
• Industrial Marketing 101

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