Making Bank Episode 19

Making Bank Episode 19

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=== SUMMARY ===

One of the most important things to keep in mind as an entrepreneur is having a clearly defined vision of where you and your business should go.

What’s your mission? What’s your passion?

Are you doing what you love or are just earning a living?

In this episode (19) of Making Bank, Josh interviews Logan Stout, a lifelong entrepreneur, former professional athlete, sixteen-time World Series player and coach, motivational speaker, and author of the book “Stout Advice.” Logan has become one of the world’s most successful businessmen—not by dwelling on what day of the week it is or what suit he’s wearing—but by living a life of discipline and cultivating meaningful interpersonal relationships.

During their Making Bank conversation, Josh and Logan work to help conscientious businessmen and women understand…
• The importance of visualization in driving success
• How to avoid common, early pitfalls of entrepreneurship
• Why developing personality, loving what you do, and steering clear of negativity is vital
• The difference between living and merely existing

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=== ABOUT Josh Felber ===

As a Business Coach and Start-Up Advisor, I help business owners, entrepreneurs, & millennials understand where you can grow your business with fast proven results to obtain wealth and find freedom.

A serial entrepreneur with 28+ years of starting and growing multiple multi-million dollar companies (including one with Billion annual revenues), I’ve been:
• 2x Best-Selling Author as a co-author with Steve Forbes & Brian Tracy
• Voted the Best Personal Finance Expert in 2014 (National GOBankingRates competition)
• A contributor to articles on,, &
• Recognized multiple times in the National Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs
• Expert guest on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX
• Keynote Speaker
• Host of Making Bank TV Show

I’ve helped my clients achieve:
• Business growth from 6 to 7 figures & doubled revenues in as short as 6 months
• Sales growth in 25% within 3 months using online and digital marketing
• Go from 0 to Million company valuation in 9 years

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