Magento SEO Tutorial

Magento SEO Tutorial

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This five minute tutorial covers the basic configuration options for SEO in Magento CE 1.7. Later tutorials will cover additional Magento SEO techniques.

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  • Magento Assistance Reply

  • Talavia Manish Reply

    I like it.. one question… is it really help in search result? Thanks

  • Mauryn Martinez Reply

    Good morning, I have a problem with the first step. I have my store online,
    and I want to improve the web ranking, but when I go to
    “System-Configuration-Web-General-Search Engine Optimization” In Use Web
    Server rewrites It is NO by default, when I change it to YES, The
    categories stop working, and it says that I have an Internal error server.
    Can you help me?

  • DropZone OutfittersLtd Reply

    You. Are. Awesome! Thank you for the very easy to understand and follow

  • Galeri Pos Reply

    thanks for sharing but is this step really help?

  • saddam khan Reply

    i have one problem, when i complete all steps after that when i open my
    website, home page is ok but when i am going to open products category so
    one error comes that is 404 and at bottom this link is given (Proudly
    powered by LiteSpeed Web Server)

  • Sezer Mantar Reply


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