Local SEO for Wellness Business: 3 SEO TIPS for Marketing Your Website

Local SEO for Wellness Business: 3 SEO TIPS for Marketing Your Website

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https://designgeekster.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/seo-tips-how-i-got-a-new-website-to-page-1-of-google-fast/ Local SEO Consultant NYC offering affordable local SEO services for small business, am currently only wanting to work with wellness/health business. Also provide SEO consultant services for NJ, Pioneer Valley-MA, VT & CT. I’ve gotten websites to page one of Google in a matter of weeks, results vary depending on various factors. Contact: 413.200.8230, Chelsea, NY 10011.Let’s see what we can do for your business/service. I know as a small business owner-you are busy, if I evaluate your site and feel I can’t dramatically improve it’s ranking-I won’t take the job!
Local SEO is ranking in the listings that Google places for some types of searches, they often appear above organic search results. All of these appear below paid ads. SEO of your site can drastically improve website traffic.
Local SEO is a matter of building citations of NAP-name, address and phone across the internet consistently. There are many directory sites that are important to be in, they vary in importance by region and even type of business. As an SEO consultant this may be part of a strategy to try to get you on page one for several keywords. HIring a SEO consultant is a good idea as they can do the keyword research and together make a decision as to the ones most likely to increase website traffic over time. SEO is not a instant magic wand, it takes time for Google and Bing to find, index and they are always changing their search algorithms. SEO Consultant serving: NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Hartford, New Haven, CT. New Jersey: Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark & more…


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    Very informative , and very helpful I’ll look for your videos again.

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    Good ideas!

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