Lipsense Business Tips – Discover How to Become A Lipsense Distributor Top Earner

Lipsense Business Tips – Discover How to Become A Lipsense Distributor Top Earner

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Lipsense Business Ideas – How to Become A Lipsense Distributor Top Earner

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With the lipsense marketing ideas shared in this video you will discover how to grow your lipsense business opportunity utilizing digital media marketing platforms to attract your ideal customers. A lot of the suggested traditional prospecting and recruiting strategies passed on to us by well-meaning upline sponsors lack the leverage we need to grow a lipsense opportunity duplicating organization in today’s digital economy.Teaching your team digital marketing strategies like how to host a lipsense facebook party online will allow them to reach a lot more prospects with a lot more leverage. A lot of the lipsense party games traditionally used offline are transferrable to online parties.

Let’s take a moment to review the independent distributor lipsense compensation plan 2017 (sometimes referred to as a rewards plan, pay plan, comp plan, commission plan, business plan, lipsense marketing plan). This is how you are compensated for your own efforts and the efforts of the team you develop and lead. There are 2 primary ways to earn with the lipsense commission plan and they are as follows: 1) Sales income – personal sales. 2) Commission income – Downline sales. One of the lipsense distributor benefits is the ability to purchase products at wholesale price and then you can resell the products to end consumers at retail price. Your distributor discount will depend on your personal volume (PV) each month. When you personally have 100 PV you can earn downline commissions up to 5 commission structure lipsense levels deep in the compensation plan.

You will start to earn group sales volume (GSV) bonus when you personally have 100 PV or more and 5 or more distributors with 300 PV or more in levels 2-5 in your organization. The senesales program rewards your personal production each quarter of the year with ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond. The senesponsor rewards program recognizes those leaders who help a lipsense new distributor on their team reach 300 PV or more in a calendar quarter. There are many lipsense ranks within the pay plan. Here are the rank advancements in ascending order of accomplishment: maiden, royal in waiting, royal, lady in waiting, lady, countess in waiting, countess, duchess in waiting, duchess, princess in waiting, princess, crown princess, ruby crown princess, sapphire crown princess, emerald crown princess, queen, ruby queen, sapphire queen, emerald queen, amethyst queen, empress. As you can see there are sufficient ranks to achieve to keep you busy and growing with your team and increasing your lipsense distributor pay for quite some time.

How much does it cost to become a lipsense distributor? When you choose to become a distributor you can get started and sign up with a lipsense distributor starter kit for just . This new distributor kit (NDK) includes handbook, printed materials, training etc. You then pick your business lipsense distributor kit or your LIPS kit for a investment. There are distributor training packages also available for purchase to put your lipsense business building efforts on the fast track. This lipsense starter kit package comes with your own personal website, weekly online glamour training, free seminar event tickets, senemedia collection and senelibrary training materials.

In order to host a lipsense online party successfully we must target our ideal prospects online. What age are they? Where do they congregate online? What blogs do they read and who are they subscribed to? The clearer you can be at this planning stage the more successful your lipsense launch party online will be. Leveraging facebook groups for your team will allow everyone to share demo party lipsense party ideas, marketing materials, share an example demo party and is also a place you can invite prospects to see the social proof and success stories and results others are having thanks to your leadership. You can provide online lipsense host a party tips and training in the group.

Those prospects who are not interested in becoming a distributor but love the products may be interested in earning in home party lipsense hostess rewards for hosting a party to their circle of influence either through a facebook party or a lipsense home party.

Wishing you great success in your business. If you are ready to learn how to become a lipsense consultant top earner by growing your business online, how to get customers for your lipsense business opportunity on social media, how to succeed in building your team online then go ahead and join our marketing community and training here:

Join My Team Lipsense Business Plan – Discover How To Maximize The Lipsense Compensation Plan With These Lipsense Distributor Tips

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