LinkedIn Strategy: How To Use LinkedIn For Business – Haroon’s Hangout #10

LinkedIn Strategy: How To Use LinkedIn For Business – Haroon’s Hangout #10

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The weekly Google Hangout making digital marketing simple. this Hangout is for businesses who want to grow, generate more leads and sales online. This Hangout will give you digital marketing strategies including social media tips, SEO strategies, internet marketing tips, web design and web development tips and tricks.

Haroon Rashid of Khemeia Consulting shares LinkedIn Strategy – How To Use LinkedIn For Business. These are simple LinkedIn tips and techniques that can help you get more out of your LinkedIn Marketing – generate more leads through LinkedIn, build a bigger network, optimise your LinkedIn profile, and how to participate in LinkedIn Groups.

1. Have a goal when using LinkedIn. What do you want to use LinkedIn for? Knowing this will help you create a LinkedIn strategy for your business.
2. Optimise your LinkedIn profile by including descriptive keywords and phrases related to what you do. For example, my profile says, “Bradford-based Digital Marketing and Social Media Consultant – SEO Services, Online Lead Generation, Web Design.” Nearly everyone puts ‘Managing Director’ but that doesn’t help people know what you do.
3. Participate in LinkedIn Groups – grow your network, demonstrate your network and get referrals.
4. Share your own content – blogs, videos, podcasts etc to demonstrate your knowledge. this is a tried and tested way to generate leads and get referrals through LinkedIn (and any other social media site for that matter).

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