Learn Email marketing Lesson 8 – You List Building Landing Page

Learn Email marketing Lesson 8 – You List Building Landing Page

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A landing page in email marketing terms is called a “squeeze page.” The purpose of this page is to “squeeze” an email address out of the person visiting this page. Go to http://www.mrbusiness.ca and market your business free and learn more about landing pages.

Essentially, all that’s usually placed on this kind of page is an opt-in form generated from your autoresponder service and your free gift. Nothing gets sold on a squeeze page and no other distractions should be placed on this page either. It’s sole purpose is to build your list… period! Your targeted traffic will be sent directly to this page. It’s important that it’s on your own domain and that you have complete access to make all the necessary changes required to get the best conversions.

They are usually very simple pages with little information. Nothing too fancy, but this page converts really well when I send targeted traffic to it.

What I want you to pay most attention to is the 3 critical components that are most important for any lead capture page (squeeze page)

Content Resource from Declan O’ Flaherty at http://digitalprofitclassroom.com/master/

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