Job Search Tips (Part 15):  Social media in the job search

Job Search Tips (Part 15): Social media in the job search

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In this week’s video, we’re going to go over social media in your job search. That’s coming up.

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can hurt your job search, just as much as it can help it. 56 percent of employers say they might take a peek at an applicant’s social media profiles before offering the job. So, ask yourself, if your online self was interviewed, would you still get the job?

Interviewer: Well, you seem to be a great fit for the position. I just had a few questions about some things I saw online.

Job Seeker: Um, okay.

Interviewer: I see a tweet that says “Can’t believe that lame job fired me.” You just said you had to leave because it was a seasonal position. Can you explain that?

Job Seeker: I mean I left at the end of the summer so it was only for the season. Technically, I guess you could say I got fired, but I only flaked on a few shifts.

Interviewer: Well then. Oh wow, is that you in this video yelling at a customer?

Job Seeker: Well, they deserved it. It’s not my fault they didn’t agree with me. I didn’t even yell that loud.

Interviewer: I’m starting to think this might not be the job for you.

Job Seeker: But, wait! If you go on my Facebook, I posted a status about loving my last job.

Interviewer: ….You said you loved it for the pay and free food.

Right. So did I get the job? Huh?! Huh?!

Interviewer: *shakes head and walks away*

As you can see, social media can have a huge impact on your job search. We all like to have a little fun, but make sure your online personality reflects how you want to be seen in the real world. Unfortunately, likes and follows won’t land you the job.

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