Jamie Lewis Interview – $10 Million Internet Marketer | BJ Min

Jamie Lewis Interview – $10 Million Internet Marketer | BJ Min

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Jamie Lewis is a living legend in the internet marketing industry. He has earned over million in his internet marketing career selling digital products in multiple niches as a vendor and as an affiliate.

I had the fortune to interview Jamie because he’s one of my internet millionaire mentors who I am learning from. He is specifically teaching me how to fix up my information products (copy, offers, upsells, etc) in my products to make it sell better. Basically, my DREAM this year is to focus on creating and selling my OWN information products in the internet marketing niche and I feel he has come into my life at the right time when I needed some kind of mentor to guide me in that direction.

I actually saw him in 2010 in New York at Clickbank Exchange and got to briefly introduce myself to him and talk to him in person in 2011 for the 2nd Clickbank Exchange event again in New York. I don’t think he remembers me really but I came up to him and said that I bought his course “Wealth in a Box”. That was my first time meeting him in person BACK in the days and it was a very brief interaction back then.

Then many years later in 2013 or 2014ish, he used to rank #2 on youtube for “internet marketing” a very competitive keyword. (by the way, I think now he ranks #1 for internet marketing for his internet marketing documentary at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTyun8mh3GM).

Then, I did a video and ranked #1 on youtube for the same keyword and pushed him down to #3. Because of his drive and competetive spirit, he thought of me as a competitor. I never really looked at him as a competetior because I knew he was a big time name in this industry. (Note: I used to rank but no longer because my old channel dictatormethod with 3000+ subscribers back then was taken down by haters or by youtube for whatever reason). It’s okay because I found other ways to combat this later on and I have a new channel here now.

…Anyhow in Januray of 2015, one day I saw Jamie put up an ad on facebook about his coaching program. Literally like 5 minutes after I saw that post about his coaching service, I bought it. (Shout out to Mack Mills, a top producer in direct marketing for coming up with the unique and innovative idea of doing the coaching in a different way).

…and I’m glad to say investing in Jamie’s coaching programs has been one of the best investments that I really needed to go for my real dream of creating my own information product empire to the next level.

Here is a SNIPPET of the interview I did with Jamie recently.

The video is kind of raw because prior to this, we were trying to do the interview on google hangout. That didn’t work. Then we tried gotowebinar and that didn’t work either.

We had 10-15 minutes of technical problems.

After awhile, Jamie just called me up on my phone (through skype) and just said “Screw it! We’re doing this LIVE NOW!” and we just DID the interview while I was using my phone (instead of my computer).

One of the things that impressed me about Jamie is his ability to take action SO FAST.

I was telling him that my copy was going to take 2 weeks and he was like “come on!!! 2 weeks?!?” I thought 2 weeks was fast but he was responding like that was super slow.

Our interview was supposed to be a google hangout or gotowebinar…but after we were having difficulty setting it up, he just got his OWN camera and actually recorded this clip himself and we just ran with it.

Big lesson just from talking to him was to TAKE ACTION FAST…to not care so much about trying to do it right or perfect…to just get it done fast and move forward…

The important lesson is that the interview was done and more importantly, you get to hear Jamie’s story and lessons.

This interview is RAW, REAL, and I hope you enjoy it.

If you want the FULL INTERVIEW of this (I believe we went on for like almost AN HOUR), then I offer it for FREE as a FREE BONUS if you get my Video Commissions course here:

If you also want to get mentored by Jamie, the guy who earned OVER MILLION in information marketing online, then go to:

Talk soon,
BJ Min

Jamie Lewis Interview – Million Internet Marketer | BJ Min

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