iOS 11 – Markup

iOS 11 – Markup

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Want to draw on, or add text to, photos and documents – use Apple iPhone / iPad Markup! Now with iOS 11 Apple’s Markup feature is found in many apps – Photos, Mail, Notes, Files, PDFs and more. Learn how to use all editing tools of Markup in this video tutorial – tools include the pen, pencil, eraser, magic lasso, color palette, type, shapes, magnifier and signature.

Markup has been around for a while in a few apps, but now with iOS 11 it is everywhere. It is so handy to be able to draw over photos, who doesn’t love a silly photo – post away to Instagram! ;0

Add text to PDF documents and enhance your Notes with either a pencil or pen. You can free draw or use the Text tool – complete with fonts to choose, alignment options and color choices.

Need to sign a document? Markup has that covered too – the Signature feature is amazing! Any signatures you have created on the Mac in Preview will come over and be instantly available. No existing signatures, no problem – you can create new signatures right in Markup!

The Magic Lasso is a powerful tool, you can easily select items you have drawn and move them around. No worries about drawing the wrong thing, or putting it in the wrong place – just select it with the Lasso and move it anywhere!

This video will show you all about Markup so you can use all the features to Markup any document or photo with style and flair! ;0

Quick Jump Guide:
   0:30 – Apps that have Markup
    2:47 – Markup Tools
    5:20 – Additional Markup Tools
   11:38 – Sharing Markup documents

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