Internet Marketing Tips – Stop Pleasing Everyone

Internet Marketing Tips – Stop Pleasing Everyone

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Internet Marketing Tips – Stop Pleasing Everyone

I remember when I first got started working in my online business, I had this idea that I should try and please everyone.

I created content, and marketing campaigns geared towards trying to get anyone and everyone interested in the products or opportunity I had to sell.

What I didn’t realize is that by doing this, I was ignoring the people I should have been spending my time trying to market to, my target audience.

There are billions of people online and trying to appeal to every single one of them is an impossible task.

So, why try and market to all of them?

What I came to realize is that if I’m trying to sell a product or an opportunity, why not try and market specifically to those people?

Makes sense, right?

In this video I discuss how to focus your time and efforts on the right audience, and how to maximize your results for your efforts.

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