Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing For Beginners

Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing For Beginners

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Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing For Beginners –

In this video I talk about the foundational building blocks of Internet marketing for beginners.

I made this post with the purpose of helping those who are thinking about starting an Internet marketing business or for those who have been doing research online and are perhaps overwhelmed with where to start putting it all together.

What you’ll learn in this post is how you get paid in Internet marketing, and the 3 tools you will need to start generating an income online.

Let’s get started! So, how do you get paid?

There are really only two ways to get paid online. The first is by creating a digital or physical product. Once you have created a product you can then promote and sell it online and make money that way.

The second way you can make money in Internet marketing is by leveraging someone else’s product or opportunity.

The way leveraging someone else’s product works is that you can become an affiliate for them. An affiliate essentially is an online salesperson.

You can become an affiliate by using websites like JVZoo or Clickbank and creating an affiliate account with them. Then with that account you can select from the library of products they have on their website and begin promoting them.

When you make a sale from one of the products you get paid a commission. How much commission is determined by the price of the product and the creator of the product, but you can expect +.

Now that you understand how you can get paid, it’s time to talk about the 3 tools you will need to make this all happen.

Website – This should come as no surprise, but you will want to have a website or blog set up. Your website or blog is your home online and it’s important because it’s also a home for people to find you. It’s a great way for you to create valuable content for your potential followers. Also, you can create an “About Me” page where people can find out a bit more about you, your story, and whether they would want to do business with you.
Autoresponder – An autoresponder is essentially where you will store the emails from people who are interested in the content you are sharing on your website. You will also need this because it is the key to building a relationship with your audience by continuing to provide them with valuable content every day. This is also how you will be able to inform them of any promotions or products you plan to share with them (ie. making a sale).
Capture Page Creator – This is also known as a leadpage, capture page, landing page, or opt-in page. Essentially this is a service that will allow you to create a one-page website that’s sole purpose is to “capture” someone’s emails. You will often see these when you click on an ad, newsletter signup or webinar sign-up page. This software will work hand-in-hand with your autoresponder to collect the emails from people who sign up through your capture page.
Now, let’s put this all together in a sequence so you can understand the flow of how you will lead someone through a sales process.

First, let’s say you want to promote a product from Clickbank that teaches people how to generate leads from from Facebook. Now you post an advertisement on your Facebook wall promoting a video that will teach someone how to create leads using social media. Then if someone is interested they will click on the ad and be taken to the one-page capture page to submit their email to watch the video. If they’re interested in watching the video they will submit their email and it will be added to your email list in your autoresponder. From there you can now email them a link to the video they requested, and at the bottom of the email as a PS you can add a link saying something like “If you enjoy the video above you are going to love this video course that will teach you how to generate leads using Facebook. Click HERE to find out more”. If they are truly interested they will click and when they buy you will make a commission.

If you would like a more detailed step-by-step process of which programs I specifically use and how to set them up, check out my FREE QuickStart Guide by signing up to my email list to the right of this article on my website.

See you on the other side!

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