Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing 101

Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing 101

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Internet Marketing Tips – Internet Marketing 101 –

In this video I talk to you about the basics of what you need to understand about Internet Marketing and how to make money online.

If you’re just getting started with working online then you might be trying to piece together how it’s possible to make money through internet marketing.

That’s precisely what I want to break down for you today in this blog so that you can understand better which direction you would like to head in online.

Adsense – This form of monetization is only possible once you’ve built a decent following to your blog or website. The way this works is that an advertiser pays you to allow them to place a banner ad or some other sort of advertising on your website. For example, if you had a blog about video games, you may have video game companies wanting to advertise on your website because it would appeal to your audience.

The issue with adsense is that it’s unpredictable and may not generate you the sustainable income that you would like.

Affiliate Marketing – This I would say is the simplest way to get started making money online. The way this works is that you leverage someone else’s products or opportunities that you can find on affiliate websites like or Essentially you can picture this type of marketing like being a digital sales person. You pick a product(s) that you want to promote and for every sale you make you get a commission. Now, the amount of money you make as a commission is based on how much the item is you’re selling. The higher the cost, the higher the commissions.

Sell Your Own Products – The final way to monetize an online business is by selling your own products. This method will take more work to put together because you will have to create the products first and then sell it, so as you can imagine it will take more work to get this setup.

Regardless of which option you choose to start creating an income for yourself you will need to learn a few skills to get it going. Things like building a website, setting up capture pages, using and marketing with an autoresponder.

If you needed more technical help with that I suggest getting started with my QuickStart Guide by subscribing to my email list where I can show you how to piece all of this together.

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