Integrated Marketing Services Demonstrate How To Grow Sales

Integrated Marketing Services Demonstrate How To Grow Sales

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Integrated Marketing Services Demonstrate How To Grow Sales

0:45 Bounce Rate

1:17 Enquiries to Sale Conversion Example

2:00 Integrated Marketing Services Results

This is an example of how your business revenue can grow significantly when you implement a professional Integrated Digital Marketing strategy.

Your results will vary and this is naturally not a guarantee, only this is a realistic and conservative example.

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Hi, This is gonna be a brief summary of the amazing opportunity for your business to increase your sales and leads from a professionally created advanced conversion optimisation designed website.

This focuses on psychology, strategy and eye tracking studies as well many many years of Google Analytics reviews, a very different discussion to your typical web developer.

So what we’ve got here on the spreadsheet is a typical number of people who come to our website this is a very conservative amount 1,800 and the bounce rate is 50% what is a bounce rate?

It simply means people don’t click on any links and they leave the site instantly so that would leave 900 people actually on the site which is a pretty straightforward mass calculation.

A typical conversion rate online is 1% it might seem very small but that is a typical conversion rate and it is only generic.

It differs according to industries and to your website so let me be very clear on that but it is a typical average.

So the number of enquiries in this spreadsheet is an example and that’s what it is. You see 9 so 1% of 900 is 9. The value of the sale can obviously vary I’ve just taken 300 dollars that’s a very normal figure for a lot of businesses.

Then it’s a question of how many actually convert into a sale now we’re talking predominantly offline businesses here although it obviously does apply to online so let me very conservatively say that only 1 in 3 enquiries phone calls or emails are actually converted into a sale so that would be a total value a month of 900 dollars.

So this is where we start off and now let’s look at what happens after the integrated marketing is completed and let’s say we’ve only doubled the amount of traffic which isn’t that much really but let me be clear that it’s not just gonna happen on its own you will have to do some other marketing.

Because of the fact that it’s actually being designed very specifically with the users in mind the bounce rate is much lower so it’s only 30% and it could be less than that but I’m being very conservative here and so you’re left with 2,520 people on the site.

Because it’s so much more user-friendly and really based on many years of cutting-edge research about what makes a successful website the conversion rate increases to 5% which again it could be more than that but I’m keeping the figures very realistic.

So the number of enquiries as a result 5% of 2,520 is 126 so total sales in terms of the 1 in 3 conversions from 126 is 42.

Therefore the total amount is 12,600 so a net gain of 11,700 a month now I don’t know about you but that seems like a very very healthy figure when you consider at the end of the day that per annum that’s 0,400.

A lot of the services that you invested in for a website are one-off services, yes there me be other aspect of marketing that you have to invest in on a regular basis but I have to say that this is a very profitable review of any website and ultimately it’s a very conservative review in terms of the number of figures so I hope that’s helpful please let us know if you got any questions and we’ll talk to you soon.

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