Integrated Marketing Firm.Lead Generation Strategies Revealed

Integrated Marketing Firm.Lead Generation Strategies Revealed

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Integrated Marketing Firm.Lead Generation Strategies Revealed

The key about this afternoon, without giving my presentation away is how each of the digital media strategies actually connect with each other & in what order, to actually deliver leads & sales.

But this is the major problem in my industry.I honestly know while there are some definitely good marketing companies are there so I will be very clear about that, business owners are getting ripped off.

I see it on a daily basis because after nearly 10 years of doing this I know that doing integrated marketing is the key.

What is the number one skill to be aware of? Its measuring & I know for a fact that virtually no one looks at Google Analytics on an advance basis.

Google Analytics is the key to the success of everybody’s online marketing as well as offline marketing & I absolutely mean offline as well as online. It’s literally worth hundreds & hundreds of thousands of dollars but it will tell you whether you are going to get that ultimate phrase that everybody talks about, return on investment.

Split run testing or Split testing is very simple. So you have page A on a website that looks like that, page B looks like that. You change the headline, you might change the image & then you drive 50% of traffic to page A & 50% traffic to page B.

Scroll tracking – So you can literally see how far down the page people scroll before they actually abandoned the website.

This was a Chamber of Commerce survey that took place last year. So only 55% of businesses at that time actually had a mobile friendly website. It shouldn’t be that hard at a basic level to do a mobile responsive website, it’s a lot harder to do a custom mobile site, so this is where the opportunity is.

So end of the day you don’t control the social media assets, the platforms so you need to get them off social media as fast as possible into your email database. So that’s an absolutely imperative thing to have as a strategy & then also to send people from social media to your blog.

That may sound very simple but I wonder how many people are actually doing it & then measure the results.

Loading times. Who knows how fast there website loads? I can tell you looking at websites on a daily basis that’s the first thing I look at.

And there was a recent survey online that said for every extra second, after the first second of website loads, you lose 7% of leads & sales. Most websites 5,6,8,10 seconds. So & more in some cases.

Google Adwords only should work with Google Analytics. I hand on heart have not seen a Google Adwords management company in nine & a half years actually go into Google Analytics at an advanced level.

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