Integrated Marketing Agency Lead Generation Strategies

Integrated Marketing Agency Lead Generation Strategies

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Integrated Marketing Agency Lead Generation Strategies


2:39 The real magic ingredient of extreme marketing success

3:28 The breakthrough power principle with online marketing

3:41 What is Integrated marketing?

3:59 Examples of Digital Marketing

4:43 How leads can be created using Integrated Marketing

I’m going to reveal how you can double the response from your marketing with virtually no risk using a powerful proven principle.

This one principle I will reveal has created raving fans across the world who start to see fantastic quality results in months beyond anything they ever imagined they’ll see despite spending a small fortune on their marketing for years.

The real magic ingredient of extreme marketing success is measuring.

If you don’t do it or understand it deeply you have no clue about what works or what doesn’t work.

That’s how you recognize a true marketing expert.

They talk about measuring in detail and if they don’t talk about measuring Heat maps, Scroll tracking, Video user sessions, Split run tests and Google Analytics run away from those fast, save your money.

The breakthrough power principle with online marketing is to synergise all your marketing and take a combined approach, what I call integrated marketing approach, to all your business online activities.

Integrated marketing is the smart way of marketing used by the world’s best, by combining all your marketing efforts in to focused actions.

Typically a company uses a website a website developer. a SEO provider, a Google AdWords provider and another company for their social media.

You should use 1 experienced team only.

Here are few integrated digital marketing examples of what I mean.

You need to get your followers off from social media into an email list and then to your blog or both where they can get to know, like and trust you and then send them to your website.

You can’t use Google AdWords without measuring with Google Analytics.

And why build a website for leads when 9 times out of 10 it mostly load slowly and then you don’t track and test what your visitors like and dislike about your website?

By introducing integrated marketing to our clients their lead and plan acquisition costs are going down, sales are up, profits are higher and they see a great return on their spending.

One company taking care of your website development your PPC pay per click advertising, landing pages, emails, your social media channels and your blog just makes sense.

You can easily waste large amounts of hard earned cash even if you only indulged in two of the mentioned marketing strategies.

We make it easy for you to get results.

And unlike so many other service providers we show the progress you are making for your business with full disclosure every step of the way with Google Analytics reports.

When we work with clients we design a custom strategy specifically for your business needs and manage all the channels of your marketing, tracking and measuring your successful results.

So don’t risk your hard earned money, think smart and invest wisely.

Make the decision to use the proven integrated marketing strategy.

Take the shortcut to success and contact us today to increase your sales and leads, increasing the cash in your bank.

Contact us at – +61 (0) 7 3103 3265

To demonstrate the power of our information I’d like to make you an offer.

For the first 5 businesses in every month who fill in an application form for our integrated marketing services,to generate more leads and sales,you will receive a free report of your competitors marketing strategy.

Your powerful competitors report reveals their activity on Google Adwords, email marketing, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, mobile websites and mobile apps.

We’ll talk to you about what you need to do next and what they are doing to be successful.

Are you getting left behind with online marketing?

Are your competitors winning the online marketing exposure race?

What exposure is your business gaining compared to your competitors?

This is eye-opening. You’ll be amazed at what it reveals and it’s yours for free if you act today.

The report has a real value of 7 and it’s first come first served.

We have a limit of only 5 this month.

Thank you for watching, get started now and enjoy the professional integrated marketing approach to drive your cash further.

Contact us at – +61 (0) 7 3103 3265

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