Innovative Video Marketing Tips 2015 – Haroon’s Hangout Special, Ep 60

Innovative Video Marketing Tips 2015 – Haroon’s Hangout Special, Ep 60

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The internationally featured show on marketing innovation. Where we make digital marketing simple, straightforward and fun!

In today’s special episode +Haroon Rashid (Head of Digital Marketing, Khemeia) is joined by Lorrie Gurrieri from +Movy to talk about innovative video marketing tips for 2015.

In this episode you will discover:
– Why you should use video marketing in 2015
– Innovative video marketing strategies
– Examples of good video marketing

Show Notes:

1. Who is Lorrie Guerrieri
Lorrie, or “Lorrie Movy” as she is known with her community members, is the Community Manager and Head of Social Media for Movy. She is responsible for building the community, engaging with users and interacting with their market via Movy and various social channels.

2. What is Movy
Movy is video messaging for fun or collaboration.

Texting is great for simple messages, FB is great for friends, and live video chat is great if you have the time at that moment. But what if you have people that can’t video chat at the same time, but still need to see each other, interact visually or need to collaborate? What if you need your communication in “context” versus just text and links? Answer: Movy.

Movy allows both public and private direct video messaging, video message sharing and creation as a group, video content creation and the ability to collaborate on anything in a visual way with as many people as you want from your smartphone. It is quite simply the best video collaboration ever!

Seeing is Believing… Seeing is Achieving

3. Why Use Video Marketing in 2015
Lorrie totally embodies and practices the ‘H2H’ or human to human approach. Video marketing is the next best thing to actual human interaction. People do business with people. In a video, your audience/customers are able;e to get a sense of who you are – your passion, personality, emotions etc. All of that is so hard to convey in the written word (emails, blogs, newsletters etc).

Video is personal. Video is a MUST-HAVE tool for marketeers in 2015.

4. Stand out. Do something different
There’s so much noise online. Just look at your social media news feeds if you don’t believe us. Don’t you want to stand out? Don’t you want to be memorable?

Video is the perfect way to stand out online. Here’s the best part – not many people are doing video marketing on a consistent basis. The majority of businesses do a promo video and then that’s it. There’s no extra or ongoing video content. by simply making a start with video marketing you are automatically differentiating yourself from a good proportion of your competitors.

5. Get personal
No we don’t mean insulting people. We mean tailored messages.

What’s everyone’s favourite word in the whole world? Their name!

Everyone loves to hear their name. Your customer’s name is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Use it.

We all receive generic messages that are blatantly copied and pasted. That takes no

Lorrie has a different approach. She creates tailored video messages for each and
every person she contacts. That’s how Haroon joined Movy!

Lorrie’s video message is very clever when you break it down. In the video she:

– starts off with an upbeat personalised greeting and introduction.
– apologises if there’s any inconvenience
– qualifies you as her ideal customer by telling you she has spent time looking at
your social media channels
– makes it about you by saying that she thinks Movy is the perfect fit for YOU.
– clear call to action (sign up to Movy)

It’s really important to say that Lorrie does her homework and ensures that the people she contacts are in fact her ideal customers.

We’re not going to lie. This tailored approach does take a lot more effort, but it’s definitely worth it. Don’t believe us?

Lorrie and the Movy team have an 80% response rate with this approach!!


Email marketing will get you around 20% if you’re really lucky.

Oh and we forgot to mention, Movy is now in 150+ countries and has over 50,000 users… Not bad for a company who hasn’t done any real marketing other than this.

6. Who’s SMASHING it with video marketing
Lorrie Guerrieri
Follow Lorrie for marketing, life, fun and general awesomeness

Dom Garrett
Follow Dom for tips on marketing and life

Shimon Das
Follow Shimon for all things to do with tech and devices

Jacob Mark
Follow Jacob for all things fun, life and killer waistcoats

Tonte Bo Douglas
Follow Tonte for branding

Khemeia Workout:
Every guest tells our audience ONE thing to do straight away after watching this show.

Lorrie says re-evaluate who your audience is, then get personal with them!

Where can you find Lorrie online
Official Movy website

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