independent agents guide to insurance facebook marketing

independent agents guide to insurance facebook marketing

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Facebook marketing done wrong can be an incredible waste of time. In episode ten of The Show, we answer an insurance facebook marketing question from agency owner, Michelle Hancock, founder of PNW Insurance Group:

“We are now moving on and redoing digital presence and about to launch a new site and bunch of other stuff. I am doing lots of research on FB. I am wondering about methods for getting traffic to my fb page;”

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Here is the What, When, Where, How and Why of insurance Facebook marketing:

What – Talk about who your business is… Facebook is not a place to SELL in the traditional sense… It’s about the culture of your agency… the people… the attitude… the mission… This is what sells your agency on Facebook… Then when you do drop in a little insurance, it will feel difference and special and will attract the attention it deserves.

Where – Where do we promote? Everywhere, but either. Make it completely direct and obvious and serious call to action or passive and assumed. Don’t put it at the top of your website but never talk about it. Commit or let it happen organically. There is no in between that isn’t weird and forced.

When – All the time. Promoting any social property has to be a cultural aspect of your marketing. Because you have to believe that the channel is bringing value or… don’t drive people there. You don’t need a Facebook page (or you don’t need to drive people to your Facebook) if you aren’t going to add value to their lives and or business there. Be clear about what you want and then PROMOTE!

How – Email. Email. Email. Blog Post. Blog Post. Blog Post. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Youtube videos. Networking events. Mailers. Your business card. If it’s important, tell people it’s important. This is simple stuff. The answer is everywhere.

Why – Because everyone is on Facebook. Instagram is awesome. Snapchat is awesome (but even I don’t have it figured out yet)… but Facebook is almost as ubiquitous as email nowadays. And well done Facebook page is a retention and engagement MONSTER.

1) Facebook Live
2) Short Native Video
3) Native Posts
4) Image Only
5) Links (but promote)

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