Inbound Marketing Tips – Workflows

Inbound Marketing Tips – Workflows

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As usual, here’s the transcript for the video:

Hey guys it’s Emily and today I’ll be giving you an overview of Workflows.

A workflow is an automated set of marketing actions that execute based upon a starting condition which is the rule that determines when a contact should enter a workflow. You can decide whether or not you want to enroll contacts into your workflow manually or automatically based on criteria. You can use workflows to automate your lead nurturing tasks, complete internal functions, and much more. The tool allows for multiple actions to execute at your desired intervals and in your desired sequence, and also includes the ability to use branching logic to perform specific actions based on how a contact has interacted with your content or website.

You can create three types of workflows: standard, fixed date, and property based. Standard workflows are triggered by a contact joining a smart list, submitting a form, visiting a page, or completing an event. Standard workflows can also be triggered by manually enrolling an individual contact or static list of contacts.

A Fixed Date workflow is triggered by the same starting conditions, but its step timing is relative to a set calendar date, such as a webinar, a conference, or a holiday. The Property-based workflow is triggered by the same starting conditions, and is similar to the fixed date workflow in that it is centered around a date, but its step timing is relative to a custom date property on a Contact’s record, such as a trial expiration date, renewal date, or birthday/anniversary.
There are several tools in HubSpot to help you manage your workflows.

Workflows are made up of actions. Actions are individual functions that execute in a workflow. A few examples of the most used actions are: delay, which is when you set a delay between workflow actions, sending automated emails, and setting a contact property value.

When you open any workflow, you’ll be brought to the Actions screen which displays a snapshot of everything that is happening in your workflow: the number of contacts that began the workflow, the starting condition of the workflow, every action, where your contacts currently stand in the workflow and how many are at each action, the click-through-rate of your outgoing emails, and any suppression lists you may have. If you have a goal list, you’ll also see the number of contacts in a goal list and the conversion rate.

Workflows are an essential part to your inbound marketing campaign and it is important to fully utilize this resource in hubspot to be a step ahead of your competitors.

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