Inbound Marketing Tips – Thank You Pages

Inbound Marketing Tips – Thank You Pages

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Here’s a copy of the transcript for you reference:
Hey guys, it’s Emily. Today I’ll be talking to you about how to use thank you pages to convert leads into sales.

After the visitor fills out his or her contact information on your landing page, they should be directed to a thank you page. A thank you page is important because it gives the lead the additional information they hoped for. While this is the end of the conversion process, the thank you page can be used to help someone continue through the buyer’s journey.

Unlike the landing page, where you kept the focus on the offer and minimized navigational options, you’ll want to give your leads every opportunity to look around after they’ve converted and reached your thank you page. A lead that makes it to your thank you page has demonstrated that they are interested in your offer so make sure that your website is easy to explore.

The thank you page is the final step in the convert stage of inbound marketing. Next week we’ll talk about the first step in the close stage, e-mail marketing.

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