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Inbound Marketing Tips Social Inbox

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Here is a transcript of the video:

Hey guys it’s Judy and today I’ll be teaching you how to use the Social Inbox to manage your social media engagements

For most marketers, managing all the social media accounts associated with a business is very time consuming. Not only is it challenging to find and create enticing content to share on social media sites, but it is also time consuming to respond to every single engagement you get on social media. The Social Inbox addresses these obstacles by aggregating several different types of social media engagements into one place.

Once you’re in the social inbox choose the information you would like to display. You can customize your social inbox to show various types of engagements from your connected social media accounts. This tool makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts at once and can be customized by any of your users to only display the information that he or she needs.

There are four types of engagements available in the social inbox: interactions, conversations, new followers, and stream matches. Interactions are any “click-like” engagements with your content that has been published via HubSpot like retweets, favorites, and likes. We recommend you spend a few minutes each day reviewing any interactions that your shared content has generated so you can analyze and publish content similar to the ones that generate the most buzz.

Next is responding to conversations. Conversations are text-based engagements that users make with your content. You can filter your inbox to show only conversations. The cool thing about this tool is you can reply to any conversation directly from within HubSpot. We recommend that you devote a few minutes a day responding to conversations.

Next, make sure you gather intelligence about your new followers. When you expand a follower’s bio, you will see whether the user is a lead or customer in your database.

Now that you know how to utilize this tool in HubSpot, you should be able to manage your social media engagements with your audience. Somebody on your team should spend a few minutes every day examining new interactions, conversations, followers and stream matches. I’m Judy Kong, see you next time.

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