Inbound Marketing Tips – Pillars of Delight

Inbound Marketing Tips – Pillars of Delight

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Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hi guys it’s Judy and today I’ll be talking to you about the pillars of delight.

Delighting your customers is a critical stage of inbound because it’s a way for you to take customers and transition them into promoters. The inbound methodology shows us that customers who are delighted will become promoters of your business, and can help you attract more strangers to your business. There are three pillars of delight: innovation, communication, and education.

You should be innovating to serve people with the products or services that they need to achieve their goals and solve their problems. Innovation is applicable to everything from your products or services, to the experiences and the interactions that create your customer’s perception.

Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean huge breakthroughs. You just need to be focused on improving all of the aspects that make up a customer’s experience. From the marketing or sales experiences to the product and support experiences. Inspire and teach your team why it’s always their job to innovate, no matter what their role is.

The second pillar is communication. Personal communication is critical in helping you build trust with people.. Think of yourself as a teacher, facilitator, and advisor. You play all of those roles and more when trying to help someone understand why they should buy your product or how to use your product.

Lastly the third pillar, education. Empowering people is better than ignoring people. You should be educating people to grow their knowledge. Use content as one of your primary educational tools. Education is going to help you serve people with the right information to solve their problems, answer their questions, and help them reach their goals.

Every interaction you have with your customers, no matter how big or small, is important. These are the interactions that will create and sustain long-lasting, memorable relationships with people and will help your business become more popular and attract more visitors.

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