Inbound Marketing Tips:  HubSpot Competitors Tool

Inbound Marketing Tips: HubSpot Competitors Tool

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Here’s a transcript of the video:

Hey guys it’s Emily and today I’ll be teaching you about the Competitor’s tool in Hubspot.

By using the Competitor’s tool in Hubspot you can track up to 20 businesses at once. HubSpot’s Competitors report provides you with the power to monitor other companies that you compete with in your industry. When you are first getting started with HubSpot, setting up this report will record your site’s online authority over time and help you come up with action items and benchmarks to improve that authority.

When using this tool think about which of your competitor’s websites you would like to compare your company’s site to. While you will want to add companies from your industry that you directly compete with, you can also add companies in your industry that you respect and that you model your business after. After adding a competitor, HubSpot will fetch the data for you.

The data collected by the competitors report will contain a marketing grade, traffic rank, indexed pages, linking domains, twitter followers, facebook fans, and MozRank which is the measure of link authority and popularity on a scale of 1-10. Once you have finished adding competitors, you can sort and compare your competitors by any of the metrics l just listed.

The competitors report should be monitored over time. We recommend that you check in on this report no more than once a week just to see how your site is trending. If your site is trending downwards try improving your marketing grade by increasing the frequency at which you publish new blog posts. Or try improving your traffic rank by creating enticing offers that help drive traffic to your site from various channels. You can also try improving your social media reach by using HubSpot’s Social Monitoring and Publishing tool to interact and share your content on social media. In the next video we will be talking to you about said tool.

The Competitors tool in Hubspot is a simple way to track your company’s performance and see you match up against other businesses in your industry. I’m Emily Parks from Rhino Digital Media, see you next time.

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