Inbound Marketing Tips – Calls to Action

Inbound Marketing Tips – Calls to Action

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For your reference, we have posted a transcript of the video:

Hey everyone, it’s Brett and today we’re going to be talking about creating successful calls to action for your inbound marketing campaigns.

A call to action, also known as a CTA is a button or link that is placed on your website pages, blogs, and emails. A conversion process typically starts with a CTA. When the visitor clicks on a CTA, they should be intrigued to take further action. For example, download an eBook, request a free trial, or watch a video.

When creating a call to action button, it is important to make sure the visitor doesn’t have to think too hard about what to do next — just tell them. Clear and concise action verbs like watch, download, contact, or request, all make for great CTAs. If you want to grab the readers attention through design, it’s important to use contrasting colors that align with your companies brand.

The best places to put CTAs is at the bottom of your blog posts or emails, or towards the end of a video. Additionally, you could place a CTA on the sidebar of your blog to promote an upcoming event or new offer.

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