How to Start an Online School  ☯ Some Tips and My Story

How to Start an Online School ☯ Some Tips and My Story

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So you want to make money? You want to start a business. Well, you are in the right place! Hustlenomics is about making money in the new economy. This is not your daddy’s world anymore! Anyone can win and opportunity is wide open for you. The most important thing you need to do is learn how to take action.

Watch the video and take notes.

There are 800 hours of content here for you! All you got to do is take action.

Thanks to all of the wonderful folks out there who keep me busy I cannot answer questions except on webinars which I will do from time to time to be alerted to the webinars you got to get on this list-

▷▷▷Hustler’s Kung Fu Drops – and yes I will be sending you many, many emails. Think of it as me sending you money. Because the information I put out will do that.

If you need more know I run a business and there is a cost to talk to me. This is how you set it all up. I even give you some levels.

Consults – 0 3 hours ( you only get one of these) you want some advice on how to start a business. I give you 3 sessions to hash it out. Since you will be a vet after these I will give you a break on the normal rate ( which changes yearly)

Established business that wants to grow Consults – You got something going on and you want to grow it with online marketing. 00 for 3 hours.

Professional Consults – You have a growing company, a budget and need to scale with digital marketing. 00 -00 a month with 3 month minimum.

▷▷▷CALL 404 558 8111 ( please state in detail what your plans and requirements are )

With time constraints this is the ONLY way I can talk you one on one. Thanks so much for understanding. Once you pay for your time. My assistant will reach out to you and put you on the calendar within 24 hours.


▷▷▷Business Coaching – ▷▷▷We at Hustler’s Kung Fu are about to give you everything you want and much more.Read on. Below are lists for the subjects I provide training and mentoring. You will only receive information pertaining to your interests and nothing else.

▷▷▷Hustler’s MBA beginner level business courses and all that comes with starting a business. How business owners deal with life, family and other components of building a business.- ▷▷▷

▷▷▷The DoJo – How to manage a business. Time management. Hiring People. Legal entities. Contracts. Renting Space. Setting up Corporate culture. Business Credit. ▷▷▷

▷▷▷Hustle, Grind and Sweat – how to set up a sales process. Marketing. Branding. ▷▷▷

▷▷▷Digital Citizen – How to make money online selling your intellectual property. Ebooks. Audio Books. How to create online courses etc. YouTube for Business. How to sell stuff with video etc – ▷▷▷

▷▷▷The Business of Real Estate- How to becoming a real – real estate investor in your life. ▷▷▷

▷▷▷The Law of Attraction/Mindset – Mindset. Scripted Days. Meditation. ▷▷▷

▷▷▷The Evolving Man – Interests for men only. How to define your manhood in today’s society.- ▷▷▷

▷▷▷Main List- Hustler’s Kung Fu Drops- Podcasts and Funny ass Updates.- ▷▷▷

▷▷▷One on One Mentoring – if you need a more personal touch or have an intensive project. Going forward if you have a business question that is a consult. Do not get on this list if you are not prepared to pay 00 a month and up for my services. One off consult fees will vary.▷▷▷

This level I design a plan for you and only you.

I know everyone can’t afford that. I am not building things people can afford, I am building things that can change your life. What is that worth to you?ages/coaching

The most entertaining newsletter ever ♛ Hustler’s Kung Fu Drops- my audio newsletter –

Starting a business to make money is not a bad thing, but having a business you hate is a very bad thing! I strongly push you to start a business that makes you happy as well as money.

We only talk about business here. Trolls, haters, and negative comments will be blocked. This space is for people who want to change their lives through the power of the free markets!

Glendon Cameron

♛ Founder and Chief Kung Fu Developer

▷ⒸⓄⓃⓃⒺⒸⓉ WITH ME- Friend Me on Facebook –

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